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03B - Interactive version of How to read a mammogram

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This is the continuation of our new lecture series: "New version of How to read a mammogram - lecture 2/5".

  • It details the six different mammographic presentations of breast cancers originating in the major lactiferous ducts (DAB), followed by the description of the diffusely infiltrating breast malignancy of mesenchymal origin.
  • In the second portion of this long lecture the four regions on the mammograms are described where most of the breast cancers are localized, helping the radiologist to focus on finding any of the four mammographic presentations of acinar adenocarcinoma of the breast (AAB), any of the six mammographic presentations of DAB cases and/or looking for the diffusely infiltrating breast cancer of mesenchymal origin.
  • This is followed by the description of the technique of viewing mammograms.
  • Finally, faculty-audience interaction of a mixture of normal and cancer cases enhances the teaching points and challenges the audience.
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  • English by László Tabár, László Tabár