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70S - Calcification Analysis, cont.

Continuation of the presenting casting type calcifications cases, their extent, presence in axillary lymph node metastases and a video showing an unexpectedly fatal case.

32 minutes
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Microcalcifications with no associated tumor mass are not a perception problem, but their analysis may be quite a challenge for the radiologists. These lecture series provide a logical approach to calcification analysis, constantly correlating the imaging findings with large format thin section histopathology images and also, often using large format subgross, thick section (3D) histopathology comparison. In these lectures the main emphasis is placed upon explaining the underlying pathophysiologic process for each microcalcification subtype,  providing solid knowledge for the radiologists when analyzing microcalcifications. The large number of cases demonstrated in this series of lectures are grouped according to very practical teaching points.

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