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74D - European Journal of Radiology Summer Course Aug 20, 2022 PART IV

Prof. László Tabár's mini course at the European Journal of Radiology's Aug 20th, 2022 Summer School had the following main chapters: 1) Imaging-large format subgross (3D) histopathologic correlation of the four basic building blocks of the normal breast parenchyma to help understanding the benign, hyperplastic breast diseases and different types of breast cancers   2) How to view a mammogram 3) A new classification of breast cancers according to their site of origin  4) Imaging biomarkers: detailed description and interactive presentation of breast cancers developing from the TDLUs, from the major lactiferous ducts and from the mesenchymal stem cells 5) Demonstration of the most frequent locations on the mammogram where breast cancers can be found.

20 minutes
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