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05 - Calcification analysis in a nutshell - 1/2

Quick and reliable calcification analysis

36 minutes
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This lecture provides a didactic, quick and reliable analysis of microcalcifications detected on the mammogram. There is also an overview of the differential diagnostic options between malignant and benign type calcifications, all of them based on the site of origin of the disease. Description of the evolution of the underlying disease process increases confidence in decision making.

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  • English by László Tabár
  • 中文 by JZ2008
  • српски језик by Jelena Simovic, Nataša Pujić Stanisavljev
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  • Italiano by Giulia Picozzi, Alfonso Frigerio
  • latviešu valoda by EAsere
  • ελληνικά by Stergios Prapavesis
  • Español by Alberto Bossy