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31 - Carcinoma in situ of the breast: correlating imaging (L. Tabar) with histopathology (L. Tucker)

Lee Tucker, MD, breast pathologist, and László Tabár, MD, breast radiologist, challenge the outdated term “DCIS” in an interactive lecture.

48 minutes
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1) CIS is a heterogeneous disease. A majority of these cases develop from the TDLUs and not from the major lactiferous ducts. Accordingly, these are not "ductal" carcinomas and should not be termed “ductal”, as in the term “DCIS”

2) Breast cancer originating from the major lactiferous ducts acts as a duct-forming invasive carcinoma in most cases, and should not be termed “in situ”, as in the term “DCIS”

3) The importance of using proper terminology is emphasized by the lecturers using large format subgross histopathology images correlated with mammographic findings supported by long-term (25-year) survival curves.

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  • English by László Tabár