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19 - Control of Breast Cancer. The Future.

Future tasks for improving control of breast cancer: 1) training radiologists using large format thick section histopathologic-imaging correlation, 2) changing the current histopathologic technique and terminology, 3) introduction of the new classification system that takes into account the site of origin of breast cancer.

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The results of the randomized controlled trials and the evaluation of population-based service screening programs have proved that participation in mammography screening decreases mortality from breast cancer by 50%. This lecture deals with the issues that are needed to further improve the accomplishments in the future: teaching, training and retraining radiologists dedicated to reading mammograms, introduction of large format thin and thick section histopathologic technique, adapting the new classification system that focuses on the site of breast cancer origin, modernizing the outdated and anatomically incorrect histopathologic terminology in order to decrease over- and undertreatment.

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