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28 - Fibrocystic change type calcifications mimicking malignant type calcifications 2/2

The three types of calcifications in fibrocystic change. Differential diagnostic problems and solution

38 minutes
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This lecture describes all types of calcifications associated with fibrocystic change:

1) Powdery, dust-like calcifications: mammographic-histologic correlation using a series of examples, summarized with teaching points.

2) Weddellites (calcium oxalate crystals): These less well-known calcifications can be reliably identified on high quality digital mammograms and are pathognomonic for fibrocystic change. The lecture contains a series of examples showing focal and diffuse distribution of Weddellites, summarized with teaching points.

3) Amorphous calcifications associated with fibrocystic change can cause considerable differential diagnostic problems. These are explained using a series of cases with supporting mammographic-large format histopathologic correlation.

Implication on management. Teaching points helping to reach the correct diagnosis.

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Subtitles available in:

  • English by László Tabár
  • српски језик by Nataša Pujić Stanisavljev, Jelena Simovic