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07 - Find breast cancers as early as the experts do - 1A/4 (Milky Way)

Basic principles. Patient positioning. Cancers localized on the Milky way.

1 hour 4 minutes
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There are four regions on the mammograms where most of the breast cancers can be found. Radiologists need to systematically search for non-specific asymmetric densities with or without architectural distortion, stellate and circular/oval shaped lesions and microcalcifications in these four regions.

Our didactic lecture series -Find breast cancers as early as the experts do - provide sufficient number of narrated practice cases occurring in each region. After discussing how to find early breast cancer in screening, complete workup of each case follows, using the multimodality approach (complete mammographic workup, hand-held and automated breast ultrasound, breast MRI and preoperative interventional methods). The final diagnosis is supported by large format histopathology images.

This lecture also explains and demonstrates Patient positioning in detail.

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