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22 - Pleomorphic calcifications - 2/3

Crushed stone-like (pleomorphic) calcifications on the mammogram: the deceptive 1B group. Case demonstrations and teaching points.

38 minutes
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Features of Group 1B malignant type pleomorphic calcifications on the mammogram:

1) Only one or two clusters of calcifications on the mammogram but many more on large format histology.

2) Mammography underestimates the true extent of the disease.

3) The role of breast MRI when mammography underestimates the extent of the disease.

4) Normal tissue is found among the affected TDLUs.

5) Multimodality approach to the workup of Group 1B cases.

6) Practice of Group 1B cases.

7) The outcome of the short-term follow-up of Group 1B cases.

8) Missed Group 1B cases; what have we learned?

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